Soothing tones


New knitting for a new chapter.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival was a giant, massive, all-encompassing success. Linda, Mica and I worked our arses off to organise it, absorb the stresses which come with it, build up our audience, inform everybody who needed to be informed of anything they needed to know, deal with hiccups (mercifully few) and sort little jobs like posters and bags and decoration, which all add up to one huge job somehow, even if they shouldn’t on paper. We’re exhilarated by the overwhelming response and also, exhausted. I keep falling asleep at times other than, you know, night time, which is inconvenient. There’s probably a ton more to say but we haven’t even had time to write on our own blog so I’ll keep it brief here.

(But it was FABULOUS! Buzzing, bright, inspiring, a riot of colour. Come next year!)

Anyway now, I’m in need of something a bit more soothing. I haven’t actually knitted anything for over a week, and even then it was a row or two before bed. The yarn above is 4 skeins (there’s one hiding behind) of various different silk blends. None of them matches but they’re all a variation on pale blue or blue-green. I want to make a cardi which involves stripes of very similar colours working together quite subtly. No pattern. Small needles. A lot of knitting. Nice easy-on-the-eye shades. I need soothing.



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